Western4WD was formed as an extension to the outdoor adventure training we have provided since 2000. Our aim is to provide quality, economical and personalised 4WD training without the fixed agenda, cost and formality associated with what has traditionally been RTO based courses.

The advantage of this approach is it gives us the flexibility to tailor our courses to match your experience, objectives, and vehicle, giving you exactly the training you need. 

With the rapid growth in 4WD ownership, and the transition towards vehicles which remove much of the understanding of how a 4WD operates, we saw a place for personalised training to assist owners to

  • understand how their 4×4’s work
  • learn how to use them correctly in testing terrain
  • obtain several valuable reference manuals on the use and addition of 4WD accessories, and how to develop and use your vehicle in a range of off road situations
  • know how common 4WD recoveries are performed safely and effectively
  • learn the skills of towing caravans or camper trailers

Whether your aim is enjoyable local 4WD excursions or long distance touring throughout Australia, we have the experience to assist you to build your skills and develop your vehicle.

Our courses are aimed at owners of genuine 4WD’s, that is vehicles which have the MC category on their compliance plate. Our reference material details what is permissible only with this category of vehicle. The courses are not suitable for vehicles with the MA category.