As part of booking a course you will also need to complete a disclaimer with the following provisions that you will need to accept as part of your participation.

Disclaimer provisions

  1. You acknowledge that participation in 4WD activities is dangerous in the sense that you will encounter driving conditions and an environment fundamentally different to that which you would normally experience. Your participation in these activities is at your own risk. In particular, it is understood that these activities are recreational in that they are engaged in for enjoyment, relaxation or leisure in circumstances where there is a significant risk of harm including personal injury and damage to property. Specifically, the course involves 4WD activities which may include driving;
    • over rough and uneven terrain;
    • over rocks;
    • on soft sand;
    • along gravel roads;
    • in bush areas;
    and may require personal exertion whilst for example, mobilising a bogged vehicle or using vehicle recovery equipment.
  2. You acknowledge that when driving with your fellow course attendees that you participate as a peer group, and will take due care and consideration of others in all your actions
  3. You confirm you are currently licensed to drive your vehicle
  4. You confirm your vehicle has the MC classification on its compliance plate, and to the best of your knowledge is in a sound well maintained roadworthy condition and is capable of driving in the conditions likely to be encountered
  5. You confirm your vehicle is currently registered
  6. You confirm that you have comprehensive vehicle insurance that covers you for use of the vehicle in off road locations
  7. You confirm that at all times you will obey the road rules when participating on your course
  8. You confirm that you are in good health, and not under the influence of any drugs or alcohol, and do not have any impediments that prevent your participation in 4WD activities
  9. You acknowledge that accessing off road environments is a privilege and you will do everything possible to avoid damaging the locations used and will take any personal refuse away with you when you leave
  10. You confirm that if you have any passengers accompanying you that they have read and understood these conditions and agree to be bound by them.

Any course participants who have any queries about the provisions of the disclaimer are requested to contact Western4WD on Mob 0411 885 052 or sending us a message through our contact form

Fee Policy

Our aim is to deliver exceptional value training and information at an affordable cost. In small groups our rate for training is $100 per person (driver) per half day, with a 50% discount for a family member who shares the vehicle and does the course with you (eg father and son or husband & wife). The course comprises two half days for the first 2 modules for a total fee of $200, and a fee of $100 per module for either of the optional modules. Courses are normally conducted either individually or in very small groups to ensure a high level of personal training is provided.

Refund Policy

We do not offer refunds if you have changed your mind, however we are happy to consider refunds in cases where you are genuinely unable to attend the course.

Partial refunds may be offered (at our discretion) if you have already started the course and are unable to complete it.

Important Notes
As this course includes PDF material, you agree to delete this material if we offer a full refund.
While we make every effort to be flexible with our course delivery we cannot guarantee a specific date will be available. You should therefore NOT pay for the course until we have confirmed availability.