4WD Training Course

Our courses are delivered in four modules.  We regard modules one and two as essential for the 4WD owner, modules 3 and 4 are optional depending on your objectives.  If you elect to do module 4, we strongly recommend partners attend so they can learn how to work as a team when manoeuvring a large trailer or caravan.

Module 1 – Knowledge and information 1/2 day

The first module of the course is the essential starting point for the 4WD owner. As a pre-requisite we provide a series of reference manuals that cover items important to 4WD ownership, use and development. They include:

  • Care and maintenance of your vehicle, know how to use it
  • Common 4WD accessories and modifications
  • How to equip your vehicle for different activities
  • Driving techniques for different terrain
  • Common recovery methods
  • Compliance information – how to keep your rig legal
  • Towing skills and information

During the first part of the program we will discuss how different 4WD’s achieve what they try to do, what limitations they have, show you many 4WD accessories for different elements of 4WD use and vehicle recovery, and help you appreciate the steps you might take if developing your 4WD and how to keep it legal. We will give you practice in safely rigging various items of recovery gear so when you undertake module two you will know how to go about rigging a recovery.

We will also obtain an appreciation of your own experience and what you hope to gain from the other modules of the course. This is a chance to share information and ask questions about any aspects of 4WD use that interests you.

Module 2 – Driving in sand and performing various vehicle recoveries – 1/2 day

This module includes driving on sand, and becoming accustomed to off road travel with significantly reduced tyre pressures. We will during the day set up several vehicle bogging scenarios which will go through a range of measures on how to extract your 4WD from its position. The emphasis will be on simple extraction methods, which will be of particular use to those who travel solo, where you may not have anyone conveniently on hand to pull you out of your predicament or have any substantial objects to winch off. We will also look closely at the use of snatch straps and the safety protocols required for their deployment.

Module 3 – Driving in steep terrain 1/2 day

This module puts you into forest terrain that in places will test the gearing and traction of your vehicle. The object will be to put the vehicle (and driver) into sufficiently testing country where you will have to use your low range gearing, the aim being to ascend while minimising wheel spin, and descend without having to ride the brakes as you travel downhill. The idea behind this module is to develop good judgement about your vehicle’s capability, and be able to pick a good line when traversing uneven terrain as well as handling steep gradients.

Module 4 – Towing Skills

This module is particularly aimed at the 4WD owner who has recently acquired or plans to purchase a caravan or camper trailer.  It teaches the essential skills of towing and manoeuvring a large and heavier RV, as well as the logistics of owning one not having travelled with one previously.  There is a lot to learn about the logistics and skills of towing a heavy item.  The module starts with a detailed manual that we require course attendees to have studied before attending, preferably with their own caravan or camper so you get to learn how to handle you own rig.  But, if you do not yet own a caravan or camper or plan to hire one, we can provide a suitable camper trailer for towing experience.  We encourage partners to join attendees for this module, as they play a vital part in ensuring safe and accurate use of the equipment.